Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tiered Ruffle Dress for Little Miss Sunshine 可爱叠叠裙

My itchy fingers at work again last night.

I made this fluffy 3 tier sundress for baby Claire, using 2 different shades of yellow to outline the ruffle effect. Isn't it looking sweet and delightful?

The back view. Instead of buttons or zip, I used elastic band for the back, so the dress can wear on easily without much rustling with my mighty baby girl.

It's a really fluffy dress, look at the full length when spread out... A total of 200cm was used for the bottom layer!

Oh I just can't wait to put it onto her, she will definitely look like Little Miss Sunshine or a little sunflower fairy :)

I had a similar dress when I was young, but in dark blue and light blue tone. Let me search for that picture and scan it. I am really aspired to make her a Mini Me, ain't I? *evil laugh*

I sewn on 2 yellow flower buttons on the chest front, just lovely...

As I tried the dress onto my little sunshine, it was too tight on both sides, so I made some alteration by making an opening under-arm and sewn an elastic band with a button to hold them together. Now it fits perfectly. :)

Made these bow knot hair clips few nights ago, they matches this sundress perfectly.

Interested to Try Making One Too?
Making this dress is easier than I expected, however a considerable amount of time was spent on hemming the edges of each layer. I made it without a pattern so I'm glad it turned out alright. This is definitely a break through in my sewing skill. :)

If you are attempting this for the first time, I would recommend these are some of the essential skills you should have before you begin to make a ruffled dress:

  • Ability to ruffle. Basically is to sew a loose straight line and pulling both ends to tighten the thread and create a wavy effect.

  • Ability to hem. If you do not have a machine that does serger, like me, you'll need to hem the edges of the dress properly using a zigzag pattern to avoid fray.

Here's some of the tutorials that may will be useful to any one who wants to attempt this dress.

How to sew a 3 tier ruffle dress 
How to sew ruffle by

Happy sewing!

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