Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Handmade Pressie for The Newborn 手制小宝宝礼物

Opps... I did it again. Sewing on a weekday night! I just couldn't resist it, too many ideas but too little time to execute them all. Finally I waited till my duo asleep, and I managed to sneak outthe room   to make these pressie for a friend's newborn baby girl. Well, not so newborn anymore, she is 1 month old by now.

A pair of groovy looking booties with a matching hair band made of soft lace elastic.

It's good that I have all the accessories ready - lace elastic, embellishment, ribbons. I used soft cotton lining with the fun polka-dot print cotton fabric. No padding added for the booties to ensure its airy for the little feet that have yet to learn to walk nor stand.

My friend has yet to see this handmade gifts I made for her baby, I certainly hope she likes them, despite there's is a little flaw where the ribbons are misaligned for both booties. Only noticeable when you arrange the booties side by side.

I sew on my personal brand this time, Pea Hatch. Finally the first handmade booties by the famous kids apparel designer (LOL, I'm certainly in a dreaming mood).

Anyway, I would be glad to know what you think of these little pressie and please please, do feel free to give any suggestions for improvement!

That's all & good night. I'm going off to bed now for its another long day at work tomorrow. Zzzzzzzzz

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