Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hamleys, the Latest Toy Store in town!

So we heard about the opening of the finest toy store in town, Hamley's from London, but since we never like to get stuck in big crowd and long queue everywhere (unless of course if we have special preview invitation which we didn't..), so 2 weeks after it's grand opening we finally brought the duo here.

And boy, they sure loved it. 

The entrance is eye catchy in deep red painting, sparking golden backdrop and a spinning window display.

Although I still wish we could be at its flagship stores in London!

Once stepped in, we were welcomed by the large spinning bear and hot air balloons hanging on the ceiling with blue skies painting, my little C was obviously amazed by the large size display while my little captain just couldn't wait to zoom in an explore more.
The entire place was decorated in a very jolly and engaging way, although it's not as magical as the movie Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium, it is lively enough to wake up any sleepy bug or moody bug in your little ones. With Come and Play booths everywhere, cute seats and friendly staffs around to show case the toys to you, it's by far the most entertaining toy store I've visits in town. Unlike most toy stores where we are usually left alone and just read the label if you want to know more, here you are allowed to see, touch, feel & enquire any staff dressed in the Hamsley red T.

The signature London double decker bus was no doubt  the center of attention.

The soft toy corner, my little C was so attracted to the safari truck, hugging doll after doll..

Choo Choo train set with 2 big Thomas the Train shelves. Many boys lingered around here and my little C did not hesitate to join in. You go, girl!

There is a vast collection of Lego, Megablocks with several play wall and table such as this.

Sylvanian fans will love the large display station. This would be my childhood dream come true!

Any Nerf gun lover out there? There is a wide selections of Nerf guns and you will be amazed with the target wall here. My boy literally went head-over-heel when he saw the target wall. He spent a good 10 minutes here and surprisingly he hit bull's eye when a Hamleys staff challenged him for a game of shooting. Surprise, surprise. Not that we encourage shooting game but the late grandpa used to get him new toys every week and toy guns included.

There are good choice of bath toys and bubbles toys here, they even had 2 big tubs to demo the bath toys. Many curious kids surrounding them as you can see. 

The full size Hamley's bear was doing its round in the store, while most kids were happy to snap pic (or should I say the mommies!), my little C was scared by this big furry bear, kept running away from it.

So, What's So Special About this Store?

I liked that the place is spacious and have well planned layout, at least I won't accidentally walk into someone or roll the stroller over someone's feet (which often happens to me in some narrow toy stores! >.<)

Besides, the staffs are friendly and ready to help or explain. Perhaps it's still new so we shall give some time to see if it still maintains the same standard of service after a while. But one thing for sure we all left home smiling today.

They have a good selection of toys for infant, toddlers and kids (even some big kids :) however I was expecting to see some fine handmade toys but so far what I noticed were mostly the big brands like Fisher price, Playskool, Leap Frog, Barbie, Disney Princess, Hot Wheels Hasbro, Furby, Transformer (those that I can recall) and the Hamsley home brand, however they do have a wider range of the same brand compares to some other stores we frequently patronage.

I was half expecting a Christmas sale, but there isn't any except a special discount where you you can get the Hamsley bear at RM49 with purchase of RM80 and above in store.

It was a short visit and we went home empty handed, as we had to rush home for some chores & we have already prepared the Christmas gifts for the duo. However, we will definitely return again and check out other corners we may have missed out. Afterall we don't need reasons to get toys, do we? :)

Interested to drop by too? Here's where you can find it in 1 Utama New Wing, next to Parkson store.

Hamleys Kuala LumpurLot F319, 1st Floor
1 Utama Shopping Mall
No.1 Lebuh Bandar Utama
Bandar Utama Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Or visit their official website at

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