Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Round up for 2013, a Crafty Year!

As year 2013 is coming to end in just a another hour, I'm just doing a quick round up by picking my top 10 personal favorite sewing projects (oops, seems like I have picked 12 instead, so it makes up to 12 months of crafting!), excluding the latest Christmas round up which you can find here

It's been a fruitful year of crafting and the fact that I had the privilege of spending 3 full months with my little ones at home, it was a very meaningful year for me. 

DIY Round Up for 2013 @ FunWithLittleOnes

I hope you find some ideas and inspirations from my sharing here. Happy New Year & may 2014 be a good year for all of us!

A reversible dress that makes her look super cute! 

The party dress for my little bunny who turned 2..

My little girl's favorite dress of the year (after her birthday dress of course :)

The Patchwork Baby Quilt 
First quilt for my baby girl!

The little bagpack for my little Explorer, my personal best challenge for 2013!

A handy bag for myself, even sold a couple of similar design. :)

The little sling bag for my Little Captain's piano books. He's happily using it till today.

Little artist on the go..  Received few personalised orders for this too!

Wonder in a small box (hmmm... 3 boxes to be precise)

Last craft piece for 2013, new cushion covers for the coming Chinese New Year!

An unconventional place mat to beautify our home.. come with matching chair seat & coasters for a complete look!

A self-made birthday present for everyday use...

That's all folks. Happy crafting and never stop loving!

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