Saturday, January 4, 2014

Making Airplane Appliqué {Tutorial!}

This is my first time making fabric appliqué and to my relief, it came out just nice!

The little airplane in the sky, a surprise for  my little Captain. Can't wait to see his reaction tomorrow. *Updated* How he loved it! He requested to wear it instantly instead of keeping it till his big day. :)

The making was not as complicated as I thought (one reason why it took me so long to set my hand on making my own appliqué was the fear of failure!). In total it took me an hour from sketching the plane to sewing it onto the shirt, not too intimidating but does requires some patient.

It's the similar design as the fondant plane I made for his birthday cake. This is the easier design compare to making conventional propeller plane.. 

Here's the tutorial for anyone who is interested. Give it a try, one of the best way to used up the fabric scrap & beautify a plan white tee too! ;-)

Tutorial: DIY Airplane Appliqué
Materials you will hneed:
• a drawing / print out of an airplane
• a piece of scrap fabric
• a piece of interface
• threads of contrasting colors
• a sewing machine
• a pair of scissors
• few pins  

1. Prepare cut out of the airplane drawing on a piece of paper. Since the airplane is symmetrical shape, I only drew half of the shape and cut by folding the paper in half. 

2. Using a fabric pencil, outline the shape on the interface. Cut it out.

3. Now time to attach the interface onto the fabric. Ensure the side with glue is facing the wrong side of the fabric. Iron the interface into the fabric using warm iron.

4. Trim all access fabric. Now you have an airplane appliqué ready to use.

5. Arrange the appliqué into the shirt till you are happy with the look & feel. Then using pins to hold it in place.

6. Select a zigzag pattern on your swing machine and use a thread of contrasting color (you would want the plane to stand out), sew all the edges of the airplane. Refer to setting of my Brother machine below.

7. Once the airplane is done, draw a curvy line using washable fabric pencil then sew along using zig-zag pattern again using sky blue thread to show the plane in motion. This time, I changed the thickness from 3.5mm to 2mm instead.

That's it, sweat free appliqué making. ;)

Happy crafting!

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