Friday, January 17, 2014

DIY Baby Cheongsam aka QiPao 自制小旗袍

Chinese New Year is only 2 weeks away, it's a tradition to wear new cloths during the CNY but I am quite reluctant to do shopping over weekend thinking of the crowd and long queue make me sweat..

So I thought perhaps I can make the CNY clothes for my duo, and I have always wanted to make my baby C a QiPao; I have a few QiPao I really like and we can both dress in QiPao for CNY, how sweet is that. *dreaming*

I have been searching high and low for a QiPao pattern that I can work on, to not much success, finally I decided to design one myself. Turn out, not too difficult as I thought. Hehe.

Baby Cheongsam - the front view

The back view

The polk-a-dot buttons to give it a modern feel

From concept, to reality.
The making of Baby Cheongsam

What I did:
1. Pattern design
2. Cutting & assemble 
3. Sewing & adjust
4. Final release

What typical Software Development Life Cycle s like:
1. Design
2. Development
3. Testing (repeat 2-3)
4. Implement & Release

Same concept, just different platform. LOL (pardon me for my self amusing act! :)

Now I'm going to make some correction  to the pattern and make another new piece with my designer fabric collection. Well, when time allows again...

Happy weekend!  

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