Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Little Captain Turned 5... (Airplane Theme Party!)

Our little boy turns 5 finally, he had been doing doubt down since we celebrated the sister's birthday. When I asked him what cake would he like for his birthday, he shouted, "Airplane cake!"

That made me sweat, literally (why on Earth did I asked him?!). Making a fondant airplane figurine is not an easy affair for a novice like me unless I decided to use a toy plane, which I know he would most definitely say that is cheating. So, after a round of practice I made him this 2 tier airplane cake just like he requested. Blue skies, white cloudette and a propeller airplane!

It's a full edible cake with moist chocolate cake underneath. The little Captain had a pair of goggle and was in his favorite green top as requested by my 5yo. 

The party decoration was simple but creative with zero-cost. No game this time since no kids invited, it's a party only for the family. (After all the recent happenings, we wanted to have a private gathering to have everyone together)

At the entrance, we setup a "Ethan is 5!" Sign using my good old baking tray and the alphabet magnet pieces from the toy shelve. Took only 3 minutes to prepare, how more easy can it get? 

In the living hall, a big "5" car made of Duplo blocks aside his LEGO fighter plane.

And Look, who came for the party?
Mickey, Minnie, Spiderman, Minion and well, a Happy Birthday balloon. :)

Notice the "Happy birthday" and the "Ethan" bunting? The name bunting was made some times ago to decorate the children's room and came handy. You may check out the tutorial on making a simple bunting which is a good art & craft project to do with little ones.

He was really excited when all the guests arrived with the colorful balloons. The duo had more than enough toys at home so I suggested the family to spare the gifts, just bring a balloon each to brighten up the party. That worked well for my duo, kept them super excited!

A table full of warm dishes, collaboration of mommy (me!) and grandma with her signature longevity noodles, fried rice, crispy barbecue pork and vegetable curry. 

Here's what I prepared..

2 dozens of Honey glazed barbecue chicken wings marinated overnight and roasted right before the party, recipe coming soon on my Food 4 Little Ones blog.

The easy peasy Dory Fish Pasta in tomato sauce sprinkled with some crispy bacon bits and fresh basil leaves. It was emptied within half an hour. I pre-cooked the sauce the night before so I just have to cook the pasta on the party day.

Some really healthy roasted stuffed cherry tomatoes for finger food (which I forgot to take picture, simply too busy!), took only 15 minutes to prepare before the party began.

The Cloudette and Star cookies that were baked the night earlier. My little Captain had a special "E" cookie pop all for himself!

My little Captain E proudly wore the airplane tee personalised by mommy (Interested to make one too? Here's the tutorial...), and the late grandpa's golf cap (whom he dearly missed), looking just fine on him isn't it?

Good food + Good company = Great time. It was a jolly day for the duo and all.

Happy 5th birthday my little Captain, may this be the beginning of a great journey in your life.

Mommy PH.

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