Wednesday, October 8, 2014

{Toy Review} Bunny Boo Peek-a-Boo, Smart Toy for the Toddler!

Looking for gift for your 2 or 3 years old? Look no further, this is an ideal smart toy for the little ones.

Bunny Boo, little bunny and the 3 little wooden blocks.

It comes with a set of 60 cards of 4 levels with pictorial instructions. You are supposed to arrange the bunny and the blocks to resemble what you see in the picture. Begin with the easiest level (green) and watch your little ones gradually proceed to the expert level (blue). 

Solved, by my little bunny girl who was 2.5 year old then.

Beginner level. I got my girl hooked by playing peek-a-boo with the bunny first. Subsequently she went on an auto-pilot mode.

This game may appeared to easy for the elder kids, e.g. I let my 5yo began with the intermediate cards and found he actually able to solve all cards, including the expert level unassisted, so I am not surprise he grew bored of it pretty soon. 

What I like about this game?
It teaches concept of problem solving, imagination and encourages the creativity to think out of the box. It is easy to understand so the little one can self entertain after few rounds of coaching. I love to see that proud smile on my little bunny's face when she managed to solve the puzzle all by herself. She was so so proud and look around to make sure everyone in the room acknowledged her achievement. It may look simple to us, but it sure is one big step for the little mind. :)

Besides, it does not contains small parts so make it suitable for the young toddler (except for the leaflets which I tie them up using elastic band to make sure they won't get spread around the room.)

Where to go get one?
Visit any Popular book store and look for the Fun Learning booth, or just visit their website here. It's that simple. :) If I remember correctly, it cost me RM89.90.

Is it suitable for My little One?
I would say this is suitable for 2 years old to 5 years old, although it is very much dependent on each child's development and readiness.

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