Monday, October 6, 2014

Picnic by the Lake, Simply Lovely!

Today is a public holiday in Malaysia, our Muslim friends celebrating Hari Raya Haji, the Muslim new year, so we get to enjoy a day of leisure.

After spending morning on some long outstanding chores - like cleaning the interior of my car, clearing up the storage and discarding some old junks, we decided to bring the kids out for a picnic. It has been a while since our last picnic outing so the little ones were cheering in joy when I announced the good news. My little handsome quickly went to storeroom to get his vintage picnic bag and his favorite author hat. He sure knows his style. :)

Since it was an unplanned event, I did a real quick packing with whatever I can find the the kitchen - some cereals, pastries, packet drinks, bottled waters, cut fruits, books, the vintage picnic bag and the picnic mat, and off we go!

Anyone who lives in Kuala Lumpur would have heard of if not been to Desa Park City, the townshop surrounded by greens and modern design houses located in a well planned housing area. The large man-made lake, well maintained children playground and Aeon supermarket make it an ideal place for family, in fact it is one of the popular areas for expatrate families to settle down.

Anyway, back to the picnic. 

We actually went to do some shopping before going for picnic, as the afternoon weather in KL is really a killer. I don't want to risk getting sun burn or literally melt under the scorching sun. So we reached the park 15 minutes before 6pm, perfect weather to lay flat on the grass - pinkish skies with the setting sun, soft breeze blowing and children laughters filled the park.

Ta-da, ready to have fun.

We were just right next to the stream.

Little handsome enjoying himself with some cereals and companion of Jeff Brown's Jedi Academy, one of his favorite books.

Princess C busy running up and down the sloop like a little bunny who could not sit still. Hub and I just sat on the mat admiring our little girl who seemed to just learnt walking not long ago. She clearly loved the open space.


The stream that leads to the lake, sound of the water flowing is rather relaxing.

If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunset from the first floor..

It was a short 45 min picnic before we adjourned to the playground to let the kids sweat it all out and we had a simple dinner at one of the restaurants within that area before calling it a night. My little handsome loved it so much that he begged for us to go there again next week. 

If there is any complain about the place, is that it's too crowded. I guess that can't be avoided as this place is just too popular with locals, and this is one of the very few dog-friendly parks in town where puppies are actually welcome.
So next time if you are meeting up friends in Desa park city, why not come earlier and bring your little ones for some picnic time? Leave the gadget behind, just have some fun in the park. :)

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