Friday, October 24, 2014

{Handmade} Adjustable Aprons for All Occasions

A buddy of mine who went to the college together had recently took a big leap in her career.. She left her job as a senior project manager with a prominent IT film to open her own baking school! Gosh, wish I have her courage.

I am so excited for her and proud with her bold decision too. So when she approached me to custom design some aprons for her baking school, I said Yes without second thought. What's more meaningful than being able to support a friend in pursuing her dream? 

So after numerous research, exchanging of ideas and late hour sewing, I have finally completed the prototypes. She took care of the fabric, I took care of the design. :)

As much as I would like to help in making all the required aprons, making 42 aprons for a full time career mom without helper at home within a month, is a HUGE challenge. So I only managed to make the prototypes to be passed on to the tailor for mass making. 

Adjustable Adult Apron in pastel brown, for the instructors and students. When I have the extra time, I would very much like to make another one for myself too. :)

The adjustable neck design allows it to fit any height. 

A different way to tie the knots.
The Happy Kid Apron in the bright owls and matching yellow pockets for holdings utensils.

Love those little owls.

This is actually a replica of the Junior Chef Apron I made for my little E for last Christmas. He is still happily wearing it till today albeit a bit short for him now.

A year ago..

A year later. He had grown so much.

Hope these handmade aprons mark a good beginning for her new venture. Now, may the force be with you, my friend..

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