Sunday, October 12, 2014

{Made by PH} Happy Pirate Top for my Little Boy

There's no secret, I have already announced that for my little girl's 3 years old party, she is going to be a Miss Pirate and it will be a pirate theme. So, after making her the new Little Pirate Dress, the elder brother too should have a proper pirate outfit.

Here it is, my masterpiece. The Happy Pirate Top.

I requested him to pose for me and this's the position he preferred... Sigh, kid.

The rear design, with happy pirates on the york too.

This is the most complicated boy top I have attempted so far, I had to visualise the outcome in my mine before cutting 3 sets of fabric and piecing them together. But it came out pretty neat and trendy, doesn't it? Fit for a handsome pirate. lol, I'm a bias mom, I know.

This was where I started, placing the pieces together to check out they match before started the 4 hours of non-stop sewing.

The fold-over sleeve with button give it a stylish look.

With that, the siblings set is now completed!

I used the Maxwell Top pattern by Shwin & Shwin, they have some of the most amazing kids clothing patterns available on their online shop. I made some modifications to suit my liking, but otherwise you can really just follow all the step by step. I have got this pattern last year, but I found it rather challenging so never go the gut to set my scissors on it (fearing that I may waste a piece of designer fabric!). But I am glad that my sewing skills have gradually improved over the time with the numerous trials & errors, so yes, I am ready for the more complicated patterns, Can't wait to explore more of Shwin sisters's fabulous designs!

The chart below summarises what you need to commission this top. I would not recommend this pattern for beginner as the instruction is with the assumption you have some sewing basic.

Stay calm & Sew On!

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