Sunday, October 12, 2014

{Made by PH} Little Pirate Dress for my little Miss Pirate

November is more than a month away, but in anticipation of my busy work schedule which will last till the end of the year, I decided to start making my little girl's birthday dress early. When I asked her what she would like to be (I expected standard answer - princess), she actually yelled, "I want to be a pirate!".

Well, well, Miss Pirate it is. I don't see why a girl cannot be a pirate if she desires so. 

Lucky her, I found some really beautiful fabric in a handmade bazaar and hence the creation of this dress for her. I still have many beautiful fabrics waiting to be discovered, call me a fabric-maniac, I just cannot resist!

Here it is, the Little Pirate Dress

I really love the print with cute little pirates beaming in smile. A perfect print for a birthday girl. 

I paired the dress with an anchor ribbon, thanks to those who casted your vote, I decided to used this anchor print instead of plain red ribbon. Good choice huh? :)

It is a little short on her, I have yet to decide if I should attach a layer of red ruffled at the bottom. I shall think about it one of the weekends.


I made her a pair of matching short too, using the left over fabric. isn't it looking oh so cute? ;)

Love these candy buttons.

My little handsome is not left out, I custom made a pirate T for him using the same fabric, check it out here!

If you need more inspiration, here is the pirate theme clothing I made for my duo 2 years back. This time, I shall only do better. *determined mode switched on*

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