Thursday, October 9, 2014

{Music Journey} Little Handsome's First Band Performance!

It has been 1.5 years since I had started little E on his piano lesson. We enrolled him into audition on the recommendation of his tutor, to our surprise he was selected to participate in the band performance for the annual concert! Honestly I don't think he is great at the keyboard, far from being a child prodigy, but he enjoyed playing at his own pace and loved challenging himself in learning new song.

My little handsome at the audition. He was the first in queue, he played calmly with many pair of eyes watching behind the glass door, myself included.

This was his first band performance at 5 years old and he was the youngest among the whole lot. Although he was only one of the 8 keyboard players, big guy and I were feeling really proud of him. He was steady on stage, got along well with all his band players, diligently practiced his piece at home and totally enjoyed himself on the stage; no stage freight, no chicken feet. Way better than his mommy. I still recalled how nervous I was during my first story telling contest at primary school, I avoided eye contacts with any of the audience and just starred at the ceiling fan the whole time... Urrgg, let's not dwell further on that topic.

The band. The drummer and lead singer not in sight.

Their band performed "Do You Want to Build a Snowman", they did not made it to the top 3 among the 17 bands performing that day, but the exposure gained was priceless.

I am so glad we made the decision to let him tried out the piano lesson when he was 4, otherwise he would not had discovered his interest in music. The Piano Guys has been his role model since I first introduced their youtube clip to him, Big Guy and I had done our parts to encourage him by playing with him (I actually learnt the song at home and play side by side with him, and mind you I have no music background..). I make recording of his progress whenever he mastered a new piece, that really give him a sense of achievement. 

You may read more about the benefits exposing little ones to music here.

As for our little girl, we have yet to discover her music talent. She seemed to be more interested with singing and dancing albeit she likes to play with the piano at home pretending that she's practicing. Well, we shall see as she grow older, there is no need to hurry as learning shall be a journey to be enjoyed, not rushed. 

My little diva all dressed up to attend the concert. Isn't she looking beautiful? :)

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