Friday, January 4, 2013

Tutorial: Re-purpose Adult Pants into Kid's Pants 大裤换小裤

Subsequent to my earlier post on re-purposing my big guy's shorts into my little boy's trendy pants in just 45 minutes, as promised, here's the tutorial.

What you need:
- a sewing machine with matching thread color as your pants
- an adult pants to be used for re-purpose
- a kid's pants to be used as prototype
- a pair of scissor
- a fabric chalk or fabric pen
- an 1" width elastic band (according to your kid's waist length)
- some pins
- a safety pin

Ready? Lets begin now.

Pictorial Guides

1. Identify an existing pants belonging to your little one as sample. Fold the pants in half and align both pants by meeting them in the middle.

2. Draw the the outline of the pants using a fabric chalk. Cut the fabric accordingly. Remember to leave 2" on each side for seam and leave 4" on the top to give room for insertion of elastic band later.

Skip step 3 if you are not sewing a pocket.

3. You have to adjust the pockets cut out according to your desired size and length, and secure them onto the pants with pins before sewing them on.

A ready pocket, useful little pocket :)
Noticed I used double stitches on all 3 sides? its to add durability.

4. Now, turn the pants to the wrong side (Inside out), sew the both sides in a straight line.

5. Hem the edges neatly using a serger, a zigzag stitch or you may use the method I used below - by making inward fold on both sides and sew them sealed.

6. Turn the pants back to the right side now, fold the waist part backward to form a waist band, approximately 2" length. Secure the waist band using pins.

7. Sew along the waist band, do not seal it completely yet! Leave a 2" gap, this is where you insert the elastic band.

8. Measure an elastic band according to your kid's waist line, insert into the waist band and pull it through using the help of a safety pin, before finally sealing it.

8. That's all, your pants is ready to wear now. Super easy isn't it! ;)

If you have any question on this tutorial, do post a comment and I'll try my best to explain.

Till then, cheers and happy weekend everyone!

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