Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baby Claire's 1st Birthday Party!

We had an early celebration for baby Claire's first birthday, yes, she's turning 1 and I just couldn't help to feel that the time had passed so fast. I can still vividly recall those midnight breastfeeding moments and now she is already so strong and learning to walk about on her own.

Anyway, after long preparation I'm so glad that everything went smoothly and everyone had fun at the party, especially my duo and the grandparents. Things went as planned and it seems like my little masterplan worked well. :)

This is the flora theme birthday cake I baked for my little sweetie pie, orange chocolate cake with sweet flowers decoration.
Birthday Cake in Pink Flora Theme

With a big number "1" candle!

First time ever I made a fondant cake of this size, glad it turned out alright and was well received by the guests. My little boy actually asked for a second slice, which means he liked it, yay!

The place was all setup the day before. Just simple decoration to brighten the place. We stick to the baby blue and soft pink theme. Too much colors will look cluttered.
The kids table, where the finger food will be served.

The adult' table. More balloons for the kids to grab and play :)
Healthy food for everyone.. big and small alike

These are some finger foods I prepared for the little guests - wholemeal cherrios, marshmallows and home-baked cheese crackers. I served them in little cupcake holders for easy eating and disposal.
Finger food for little guests

I setup a mini photo gallery for baby Claire.. Showing her progress from a newborn baby to a cute little angel girl who loves to laugh and play. Noticed those little pegs? Aren't they lovely..
Mini Photo Gallery

The party bags are in the same theme too.. waiting for their little owners.

Baby Claire and Little Ethan thoroughly enjoyed themselves with the balloons and companion of the little guests.

Isn't she looking lovely in her mommy-made birthday dress and princess crown? :)

My little Princess Claire. Head-to-toe, all made by mommy

Hanging out with little frien.
Princess Claire and pretty Esther

For the convenience of everyone, we had the party at a baby friendly cafe, the staffs were friendly and the charge is consider reasonable with the facility and services provided - they let us host the party in their yoga studio with full ceiling height mirrors and wooden flooring, so the kids can really run around and enjoy all their heart out. We will definitely consider this place again if we are having the next birthday party.

To sum up, it was a good day for my little precious and the little guests, and I'm sure the adults enjoyed chit chatting among themselves too, myself included :)

That's all about the birthday party... thanks for stopping by!

Interested with the recipes for the food above?

  • For the moist orange chocolate cake, you may refer here for the recipe.

  • For the healthy yummy cheese crackers, click here for the recipe.

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    1. First of all, congratulations for your baby's first birthday. Birthday party looks funny and i hope you all are enjoyed the lot. Keep sharing such kind of photographs with us.
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    2. Thanks for your kind comments.