Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kid's Room: Simple Decoration Ideas

As Ethan passed 3 years old, I though to give more personality to his room and let him feel the sense of ownership, hoping this will encourage him to feel comfortable to sleep on his own bed in his own room.

After some dressing up of his room recently, he is really proud of his own space and at times he will invite me to sleep in his room with him. Although he still prefer to squeez onto our bed most of the time, he enjoys his room too and I'm sure soon he will have no problem to sleep alone.

Here's what I have done.

A wall that is dedicated to be "Ethan's Wall" where I stick some of his artwork and paintings using a tack-it sticker that can be easily removed without damaging the paint. These are artworks from his preschool or during our private playtimes. He is really proud of this Ethan's wall and always show it to friends and relatives who come to visit :)

* those robot and spaceship stickers are wallpapers which I stick around the entire room.

A stick on label with his name and stick onto the door. It's the most effective way to mark the territory for any boy (or should I say, male :))

Since the wall is full, I hang some of his artworks and soft toys up on the ceiling - using 4 strings of lanyards (I got lots of these from exhibitions and seminars I attended in the past) and clip the onto the curtain rails. No tapes, no nails, totally cost free and easily changeable... Baby Claire loves looking up whenever she sleeps in the room.

A play mat right next to his bed with a box of toys and some books (I have yet to get an ideal book shelve) to keep him occupied when he's alone in the room. Most boys love cars and he has lots of them, so having a track mat is just ideal for him. I got this piece and the toy box from IKEA.

Next I'm going to stick some glow-in-the-dark plastic stars onto the ceiling to make bedtime more enjoyable..

And one last thing I'm working on is personalized pirate theme bedding for him - pillows, quilts, bedsheets, bolster... Currently he has a really cute and colorful animal print comforter which he quite likes, however having something made by mommy actually makes him feel proud and special.

These are just some of the inexpensive decorations that I have done for my little boy, please do share your idea / feedback as I really enjoy decorating his room .. :)

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