Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Smocking Dolly Dress, again!

A good friend of mine was back from oversea for a short visit with her little girl. The daughter is about same age as my baby Claire, so I thought of making her a new dress as her coming birthday present, which I won't be around to celebrate with her.

Since I only have less than 2 hours before I have meeting up with them (it was a really last minute decision), I though to make the smocking dress again using the polkadot fabric I had.

Isn't it lovely? Polkadot looks good only any baby girl, anytime! :)

Here's a close up on the smoking effect and the simple shoulder strap which was made of soft plain grosgrain ribbon.

Simple curvy pattern for the hem.

I am planning to make a similar dress for my baby, perhaps with added front pockets for a more playful feel. Stay tune for the picture upload (unfortunately, I only have time for sewing on weekends or my off days).

Interested to make one your little one or yourself? Check out my previous post on the first smocking dress I made last week. Click here for the link.

I really like this print, it looks sweet on baby even with really simple design. Check out here for a peek at the simple top I made for my girl few months back.

Oh, and did I mentioned this dress is completed within an hour? Smocking can be challenging for first timer but once you've learnt it, it's an useful skill that can be applied to so many designs. So, what are you waiting for? let's get started. ;)

An Enhanced Version...
I made a similar dress for baby Claire a week later, this time with an added pocket in front, isn't it looking sweet? perhaps I'll add a little red ribbon later.

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