Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Smocking Dolly Dress for Little Girl

Yes, another new dress for my little Claire is done! This time I tried a new technique that I had always wanted to learn - smocking the fabric for easy wearing and comfortable fitting (also known as "shirring").

Doesn't she looks adorably dolly in her new dress? :)

Admiring at her own mirror reflection :)

One main reason that I like smocking dress is that - no buttons nor zip required! so the dress can easily fit onto little one even if she puts on weight or shrinks slightly.. Pretty cool isn't it? ;)

Here's a close up on the smoking effect. It creates a beautiful wave on the lower bodice too.

I like this fabric, it gives a homey feeling with all the kitchen utensils. I bought it few months back but was not sure what to make of it, i'm glad I finally find a design that fits its paster blue print.

Here's the front view of the dress (in fact, front and back are the same :), simple but sweet.

Interested to make one your little one or yourself? Smocking can be quite a challenge for beginner, so I've compiled some tutorials here for any dare-taker :)

What you would need:

  • Elastic thread

  • An empty bobbin (you need to hand wind the elastic thread)

  • About 1/2 yard of light cotton / quilt grade cotton for this dress I made (remember: for smocking you need to use up to double the fabric length. Eg if you intend to make a dress with width of 50cm then you need up to 100cm of fabric)

  • Thread of matching color with your fabric

  • Lastly, you definitely need a sewing machine :)

  • Reference Links:
    Pictorial guide on making the smocking dress is available on The most helpful I've found so far.

    If you are having a Brother sewing machine, you probably will need this troubleshooting guide if somehow smocking doesn't works on yours.

    Thanks for reading, till the next post, happy crafting!

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