Friday, November 9, 2012

Coming Soon - Baby Claire's 1st Birthday (Part 2)

Following the completion of Baby Claire's birthday dresses, I have made her a crown so she will be princess for a day. You may refer to Part 1 posting here on my master plan the dresses I had made for her.

Birthday Princess Crown for my baby girl

Birthday Princess Crown for my baby girl

Embroidered with her name
The crown is made out of felt with a velcro for easy strap on, embroidered with her name on both sides. I have yet to try it out on her as I made this at night while she was asleep, I am just hoping that it will not be too warm under our hot weather. *praying*

Here is the plan I have, again, sketched on a piece of scrap paper :)

I have also made a visit to a local art and craft shop to get the party supplies needed for the party, Art Friend @ Mid Valley. It is probably the largest art supplies store in town, the next best option apart from online order. I have been scratching my head for activities to do with the kids, and I was so glad to find these finger painting pens which can be used for face painting with the kiddos during the party, I'm sure they will loved it! (I still like it as an adult now :)

It is really fun to see everything falling into place as they intended to be. Perhaps working in corporate for too long, I love things to be in order, on schedule and on budget. So far, I am doing good according to my own expectation (or so I think :))

I have captured the picture of the making of this felt crown, however in a lazy mood to post it up. So please do bear with me until I find the time and umph to blog about it... Till then,thanks for stopping by!

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