Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tutorial: DIY Christmas Felt Tree 圣诞树制作流程

My little boy really adores the Christmas tree I made for them this Christmas. He used it for his theater show, practiced his button / unbuttoning skill and had fun shuffling the different layers around to see how it looks like. When they got bored of playing, I just hang it up on the front door or door handle. Easy!

It's easy to make and is relatively low cost, worth giving it a try. However, do note that a sewing machine is required since button holes are involved.

Using it for the puppet theater show, with the little Santa made of paper cup!

Learning to button and unbutton.

Reading to start sewing? Here's how..

Tutorial: Felt Christmas Tree 

Materials you need:
• 6 pieces of square shape felt in different shades of green, cut each one 1" smaller.
• 1 piece rectangular brown felt for tree trunk
• 6+1 buttons
• 12cm red ribbons
• 8cm elastic band  (1cm thickness)
• Needle and thread in matching color
• A pair of scissor
• Sewing machine 

The making:
1. Cut the felts accordingly and decide on the buttons that you want to use. You should have 6 green pieces (or less) for the tree and 1 brown piece for the trunk.

2. Fold each green piece backward to form a triangle shape, then pin them in place using fabric pins.

3. Sew each green pieces into triangular shape using straight or curvy lines, and sew the brown piece in half to form a rectangular shape.

4. Using the sewing machine, sew the button holes in the middle of each triangular piece, about 1" from the edge. Then sew a button each onto the middle top of the triangular piece & brown rectangular piece too. You shall have a functional "tree" now.

5. Using a needle and thread, sew the elastic band to form a loop over the top of the smallest triangle piece. This will be used as a loop to hook your tree, so ensure you keep it secure.

6. Tie the ribbon like an "X", the sew it over the base of the loop. Sew a cute button over it, or leave it as it.

That's it, your little felt Christmas tree is done. Now, go and surprise your little one and watch their reaction. :)

Feel free to drop me a question if you have any, or share with me what you have made for your little ones this Christmas, or just simply pop a line so I know someone is indeed interest in this post. 

Till then, happy preparing for Christmas! (I can't wait to start working on the next craft project!)

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