Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Day at the KL Bird Park

Living in city since young, my Captain E seldom had chance to encounter with wildlife, in fact not even farm animals. While he can easily name many animals, insects from books or TV, he had not exactly seen nor touch one except cats and dogs. So me and my friends made plan to bring our LOs to the KL Bird Park one weekend. All of our kiddos were between 2-3 yo, able to walk by themselves so it was really manageable, even though I was in my 2nd trimester then, I did not had any troubles going around the area.

KL Bird Park was clean and organized, equipped with an up-to-date map. We reached the place around 9:30am so the weather was just nice and the entire visit took about 2 hours on a slow pace. There was a vast family of birds in the park and from their colorful feathers and agile movements, it seemed to me that that these animals are well taken care off.

Beautiful flamingos at the lake.

What You Should Bring?

I would recommend to pre-plan your visit and bring the following items:
  • Stroller (with a battery operated fan attached) or Carrier - in case LO gets tired you can let him / her rest instead of carrying by hands.
  • Bottled water and some light snacks. There are drinks and snack for sale at stalls in the park but choices are rather limited and were mostly high sugar snacks/drinks. There are few rest stops under shade so you may bring food for a picnic.
  • Wear a cap and a pair of comfortable walking shoes. It's quite a walk.
  • Tissues / wet tissues. Birds are allowed to loiter in some area of the park so watch out for bird dropouts.
  • Insect repellent and sun blocks.

We didn't bring any food to feed the birds. Firstly outside food is not encouraged (I recall you can buy at the park), secondly we did not wish to be followed by the flocks.

It was an enjoyable day trip for all of us, kids and adults alike. We brought fruits and muffins for picnic while resting under a shady area. It's certainly a place suitable for family with young kids.

Some Useful Tips...
  • There are daily parrots show at the park, remember to check out the schedule and plan your visiting time if you want to watch the show.
  • There is a waterfall not far after the central lake, it's a good spot for photo shooting and chilling.
  • There is a Hornbill restaurant & cafe at the park's exit, it's worthwhile to stop by for lunch or a cup or drink and enjoy the serenity. The restaurant is surrounded by leafy tall trees and if you look around, you may just see a few giant hornbills resting on the trunks in between the branches. Hornbills are giant tropical birds with large beak and are unique to East Malaysia or Borneo.

Here are some of the pictures taken on the day.

Preggy Mommy & Little Captain at the lake full of pink flamingos and storks

Ethan met a chick for the first time at the hatching hut.

A busy looking parrot welcomed us at the entrance.
Each family took turn to take photo at the waterfall. Say Cheese! ;)

A handsome looking Crowned Pigeon.

Peacock with awesome feathers!

Face off :)
On the pedestrian path, with birds roaming freely.

Interested with the place? Find out more info...
Admission fees:

  • Adult (with MyKad / Without): RM25 / RM48
  • Child (3 - 12 years old) with MyKid / Without: RM12 / RM38

For latest price and promotion, visit their official website.
KL Bird Park Location Map

Have fun!

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