Sunday, January 13, 2013

Party Special: My Little Boy Turned 4!

My little boy turned 4 years old today.. From a chubby baby, he had grown into a little handsome who is more than half my height now and often offer me protection when daddy is not around, it's a blessing to watch him grow.

After experiencing a recent car accident myself (thank God it was only me in the car!), I just pray that God will continue to bless us with his protection, especially on my little ones.
Anyway, about the birthday, this year the theme is about Captain, as in Captain Ethan who sailed the sea with his crews.

Here is my little captain in his Captain Hat and top made by mommy and his handsome sailor crews. Unfortunately some of the little pirates had fallen sick hence not able to make it to the party, but it was still a fun day nonetheless.

These are some of of the party decorations or food preparations that made I have prepared to make a real pirate theme party.

First, the Pirates & Treasure Island birthday cake I designed and baked with him. The 4 pirate candles resembles his age and the little treasure chest full of M&Ms was definitely his favorite. He actually ate up the whole treasure chest :)

You may refer here for the making of this cake.

Little Pirates On Treasure Island Cake, made by Ethan & mommy PH

Little Pirate's Corner
Party bags, pirate coloring templates, pirate maze and binoculars to keep the little ones busy. Color pencils provided of course..

The finger foods for the little pirates.. Even the adults could not resist the marshmallow sticks and they were all grabbed up :) Little fish cookies and cheerios were just perfect for the little hands.

The Fruity Pirate Ship, in different spectrum of reds. Just perfect to combat the hot tropical weather.

The Octopus Spaghetti was another big hit at the party, everyone was amused by the presentation and wanted to give it a try. To make it child friendly I used homemade spaghetti sauce instead of canned purée and it was well liked by all. You may get the recipe here.

The dining table was all filled with good food... Some were contribution from grandma.

It certainly helped to have a theme for the party as the kids have something to look forward to and it certainly helped with the visual effect during photo session. And look what other pirates's parents made for the party?

Custom pirate hat, isn't it cute? :)

Lovely kids & creative moms we had today.

My little girl was wearing the simple pirate ship dress I made for her, simple but simply sweet looking with the little bow in front. :)

It was a great party with sporting kids, wonderful people, good food and beautiful weather. Thank God for blessing us with another happy day.

Thanks for reading, hope this post give you some idea on your kiddos' party too!

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