Tuesday, November 29, 2016

{Birthday Special} Little C turns 5..

My baby C turned 5 last week. To celebrate her Fantastic Five, we organized a simple party at home inviting some family and friends. The theme this year is...Tea Party with C.

~ The Birthday Cakes ~
The pink birthday cakes that I baked for her (underneath was a rich and moist chocolate cake) for the actual day celebration at school and at home. I am always fond of the dreamy ombre effect, so glad I managed to do it this time using buttercream despite they are far from perfect :)

~ The Party Setup ~
The lazy me decided to engage caterers this year as the work load was really draining; besides, placing the order through home caterer / baker gave me better comfort on the quality of food and glad to know that I am supporting some families. (Scroll down later and I shall share contact info for these fantastic ladies)

The main dessert table was full of delectable sweet and delicious desserts, all my favorite! From mini fruit tarts, blueberry tarts, eclairs, fruit sticks, elegant cake pops, hello kitty swissrolls, designer butter cookies to the savory satay, sandwiches,  fried mihun and chicken pies. I've bought some stake-able displays for better food presentation, and I really like that they can be easily collapse to optimize storage space! There was similar serving on the kids' table too.

The yummilicous cake pops made by my uni mate, Shirl. She's one fantastic mom with triplets, it's amazing how she finds time to bake, craft and even gardening! 

Hmm, this one is mine and I'm not sharing.

The designer cookies specially made by my another talented friend, Hong Teng, using the same theme as the party's invitation card. Too cute to eat them!

C was so happy holding the little girl cookie :)

Satay and fried mihun, the adults' favorite!

The bunting that hub and E helped to setup, looking really sweet and full of party feel :)

The drink station for the little ones, they absolutely loved it!

The little ones had a table all to themselves where there was free flow of food and drink, I drew the inspiration from Alice in the Wonderland. Hub was the true handyman who custom made the vintage wooden table ALL BY HIMSELF.

~ The Making ~ 
It's not a secret that I am not a great baker nor cake decorator, but I tried my best. The pink ombre cake in the making.. the rainbow riceballs are the duo's absolute favourite :)

Best part of the party, C excitedly unwrapping her presents...  

What's a party without some fancy games? The little ones thoroughly enjoyed the washable tattoos, playdoh and bubbles that I prep as party games. They can self entertain while we adults has some chit chat time, win-win! ;-)

The party goodie bags, coincidentally I found some pink paper bags :)

These are the photo shot props handmade by me and the duo using recycle materials, aren't they looking cute? :)

How could I have forget, the me-and-mini-me series that I made for myself and C for the tea party. Thanks to grandma who gave us this beautiful petite English Rose fabric!

Me and a very happy mini-me :)

Opps, I've nearly forgotten, here are all the amazing ladies / entrepreneurs that made the party possible:

~ the Party Supplies ~

Designer Cookies by de Little Bakers Home, photo courtesy of HY. (PS's.. do mention you are recommended by FunWithLittleOnes for best price ;)

Fried mihun, sandwiches, Mini Fruit Tarts & Hello Kitty Swissrolls by Sharon from Sharon's Bakery Paradise, she's really friendly and accommodating, highly recommended! 
Mini Eclairs and Chicken Pie by Dion who does a small home business, please message me for her contact as she doesn't has a company website.

Dreamy Ombre Birthday Cake by ME.. Not open for order, lol.. But you are welcome to share and like my page FunWithLittleOnes to draw inspiration and ideas :)

Party Packs (lunchbox) supplies by Rosemary Malaysia (do mention you are recommended by FunWithLittleOnes for best price ;) the rest were randomly bought from nearby stationery stores.

Party props, mainly purchased from Daiso and SSF home furnishing store.

That's all folks, thanks for reading and support. Do feel free to comment, share, and like my page, FunWithLittleOnes. ;-)

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