Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Amino Educational Game: Space Magician (Amino育智游戏)

In my earlier post on "What's Your Style on Parenting" and "Matching Card Games", I mentioned about Phinken Primar educational set, a product from Germany that is designed to encourage right brain development and logical thinking in young mind. All books and card games are made with sturdy binding and printing done with soy ink, so rest assured they are of premium quality and can benefit more than just 1 kid.

From now onward, I'll try my best to post most of the games or books from this education set so it gives you better understanding what they are about, and why I would think that they are worthy investment.

Today, it's about Space Magician, one of the 16 board games that come with the Amino set, which encourages analytical thinking and problem solving skill. You can do a filter by selecting "Amino" under the quick link section for other related posting.

It comes in a colorful card box for easy storage.

The instructions are printed at the back of the box, so there is no worry that you do not know what to do with the cards. There is also a separate guidebook for the parents for each and every of the board games.

It comes with a set of 2 base templates, to be used as base for forming the pattern according to the pattern templates. There are over 30 different pattern templates and you are suppose to arrange the different shapes together to form the matching pattern.

I know my explanation sound confusing, so better let the photos do the explanation.. :b

1. Here are the pattern cards and the various shape cards - there are rectangles, squares, triangles and trapezoids in 3 prime colors. Pick any one pattern card to begin the challenge.

2. Start arranging the different shapes  until you got the matching pattern. Mind you, it's not as straight forward as you may thought.

This one got Ethan into some deep thinking...

Still trying, with mommy giving hints when he's stuck.

Almost there... But not quite done yet.

Ta da, finally he got it right! See how happy he was..

We attempted a few pattern cards in one session. Ethan solved the puzzle below unassisted when I walked away to fetch a drink. He really took me by surprise but in a good way of course. I was feeling glad with his improvement, naturally as any parent would be. :)

Just a useful tip.. This game requires a lot of patient and concentration, so try to do it when your little one is in good mood, well rested and in uninterrupted condition. I can't do this with Ethan whenever baby Claire is around, she just keep grabbing the cards :(

For Young Infant
For younger baby, you may change the game plan slightly but still using the same materials - flash each card and read the color or shape aloud. For example, "one red square", or just "Red". The prime colors are definitely eye catchy even for young babies.

Flash max of 5 different cards each time and repeat for 2-3 rounds. No point doing too many cards or repetitions as young babies has much shorter attention span. They probably would have crawl away or try to grab the cards from your hands. Try to practice this 1 time a day with your little one, and you'll be surprised by their ability to learn.

Well, that's all about this Space Magician. Hope you find this post helpful.

Until my next post, happy 2013!

Note: I made a mistake in my previous post, these game sets are called Amino, not Phinken, and they were designed printed in France. The Phinken Primar set comes with with different types of material as this particular set is called Amino. Sorry for the confusion.

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