Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fun Toy - Stack Count Push with Musical Snail Pal! 多功能小孩玩意儿介绍

If you have only RM100 budget to buy a toy for an infant under 1 year old, what will be your choice?

My personal favorite will be this - Fisher Price's Musical Snail Pail Shape Sorter.

Why, you ask? The reasons are aplenty, let me share with you...
  • It encourages shape recognition and sorting skill. Which the name itself suggested what it's designed for :) the snail comes with music to attract the young toddler, we never replaced the battery after it wore off but that didn't hinder the kids' liking on this toy.
  • The big, vivid color blocks makes it ideal for learning color. I guided baby C to stack the same colors or same shapes together. Took her quite a while to understand the rules but a little patient certainly pays off.
  • It allows training the little ones on eye-hand coordination. Stacking up those blocks together can be quite a challenge task for the little ones and don't forget to praise when they manage to do it sng gives encouragemeny to try. My baby C was so excited when she  managed to stack all the 10 blocks up and she happily pushed the block tower down with a big "YAY".Moment right before the tower was smashed down..
  • One last thing that I am pretty certain this toy was not built for - it is great for spinning around like a top, this will be fun for older toddler who has better motion control. We used these blocks as tops and spinned them around to see whose can spin the longest. Spinning, spinning, spinning...
  • Not to forget, these little blocks are ideal for teaching counting from 1-10, I count along each time Baby C does the stacking, eventually she learnt to count by herself.
  • Personally I like the excellent quality of this toy: the colors are lasting, it can withstand the baby's ruthless usage hence can pass down from one kid to another. This little snail pal belongs to Captain E when he was 8 months old, he had plenty of fun with it and it survived till today, still in good shape and functioning well. I am sure it can still be passed on to the next baby once Baby C grows out of it, although we have no plan for a 3rd baby at this moment. ;)

In short, this is a really all-in-one toy that allow various ways to have fun and keep the little ones occupied. It can be a little pricey but a worthy one I would say. :)

Just A Suggestion..
For hygiene reason, I gave these blocks a soap bath once every 2 weeks and sun them for about 20 minutes. Although the color may fade a little, they are definitely cleaner and safer.

That's all folks, if you are interested to get one, head on to any major baby stores or you are sure to find it in Toy 'R Us too.

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  1. Thx for sharing dear, will keep this on my shopping list for my LO hehe