Friday, January 4, 2013

Amino Educational Game: Tournament (Amino育智游戏)

Good morning there!

Here's introduction to another education series - Amino's Tournament cardboard game, it's an interesting game that encourages pattern recognition & positioning, observation and concentration skill in young kids. I would recommend to start this from 8 months onwards.

Note: I made a mistake in my previous post, these game sets are called Amino, not Phinken, and they were designed and printed in France. The Phinken Primar set comes with with different types of material and this particular set is called Amino. Sorry for the confusion.

It comes in the standard card box for easy storage.

Like Space Magician, you can find the instructions on the reverse of the box.

It has a base templates with 9 square boxes and over 18 different pattern templates for you to use as challenge. Get little ones to arrange the 22 geometrical shape cards into the respective boxes, according to the chosen pattern.

I shall leave it to the photos to do the explanation..

1. Here are the pattern cards and the various shape cards - consist of "X", "O", "N","Z", "L", diamond in 4 different colors. Pick any one pattern card to begin the challenge.

2. Start arranging the different shapes until you got the matching pattern. If little one is stuck, just give hints, eg tell him he needs a red X, or need to turn the N around to become a Z etc. Refrain from doing it for him coz its him who is playing and learning, not you ;)

This game has became too easy for Ethan as he has grasped a good understanding on the concept... He completed the challenge below within 1 minute.

In order to make it more challenging for him, I set a timer on my phone and both of us took turn to compete on the same pattern. Guess which was mommy's timing? (hint: mommy won, hehe)

We moved on to play a few more challenges before he proceeded to watch his Mickey Mouse clubhouse programme. At least we had 10 minutes of right brain stimulation time, better than pure TV or PS game. :)

This game may seem difficult at first but once your little one understand the concept and gain the ability to recognize patterns and position them, you'll be amazed how fast he or she progress. Just remember to give your little one positive encouragement and praise him if he gets a correct move. Please don't loose your temper if he or she got it wrong or not paying attention, just attempt again on another day. Learning is suppose to be fun and not pressuring..

For Young Infant
For younger baby, you may change the game plan slightly but still using the same materials - flash each card and read the color or shape aloud. For example, "one red X", or just "Red".

Flash max of 5 different cards each time and repeat for 2-3 rounds. No point doing too many cards or repetitions as young babies has much shorter attention span. They probably would have crawl away or try to grab the cards from your hands. Try to practice this 1 time a day with your little one, and you'll be surprised by their ability to learn.

Well, that's all about this Tournament game. Have a great day with your little ones!

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