Monday, November 11, 2013

Tutorial: Tulle Flower Hair Pin (Part 2 of her Fairy Tutu Dress)

I mentioned I wanted to make a matching hairband for my little girl's birthday rainbow dress. Well, I changed my mind. Made her this instead.

You may check out the dress here

A tulle flower hair pin. 

Easier to wear on since it's really light, easier to style too, can pin on the hair as-is or ontop her pony tail. 

The making is rather simple, no machine nor sewing experience required. All you need is these:

• 12 pieces of square tulle fabric
• a small square felt in matching color
• thread and needle
• an alligator hair pin 
• fabric glue or all purpose glue 

1. Cut the tulle and felt into desired size.
2. Fold the tulle into quarter, then sew onto the center of the felt piece.
2. Continue sewing the remaining tulle pieces in the same manner in a circular motion, make sure each piece overlap slightly (about 1cm).
5. Glue on the felt onto the top of the pin.
6. Fold the felt into the back of the alligator pin and glue on. 
7. Let dry and that's it, you have a beautiful tulle flower pin!

This is so fun to make, I may just make a few more if time permits. You may use the same method to make a tulle flowe hair band too. *wink*

Happy crafting peeps!

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