Monday, July 15, 2013

DIY Pouch for Little Girls 小女孩包包

Despite we got home late last night, I just needed to sew something. The personal time between me and my sewing machine is such a therapeutic enjoyment nowadays. The ability to create something pretty and useful makes me feel good; just like the crazy old days when I wrote a piece of solid programming code.

Anyway, this is what I have designed and created. A handy pouch to store my little girl's tiny toys and flash cards.

It's really just a wristlet that can be used for kid or adult. It has a handy strap that I removed from an unwanted wristlet sometime ago, recycled for good use now. Somehow I'm into recycling and re-purposing nowadays, only challenge is keeping my storage space organized (its a big challenge, no joke on that!)

I really like the little bunny applique on the front. Reminding me of my cutie bunny girl..

A personalised label on the back.

It comes with small compartments for easy storing of flashcards, personal cards, notes or other tiny toys. I used invisible zip here as I thought it gives a neat finishing.

What do you think about this pouch? I'm toying the idea of making one for myself too, without the little bunny appliqué of course. Should I? Hmmm...

Easy. Simple. Craft. 
Totally Satisfied. 

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