Friday, July 5, 2013

Re-Purpose Singlet to Little Girl's Dress! 小背心大变装!

Yay, another re-purpose project completed! It was a spontaneous act of craftiness and I managed to turn this stretchable singlet that was a bit too right into a ruffled little girl's dress. Not sure what you think of it, but I am feeling quite pleased about it. :)

The before and after...

I added a bow and a created a ruffled edges on the bottom of the dress, to create a designer like feel (or so I choose to think so ;)

The butterfly shoulder design.

Here's the front view. 

Hehe, another piece of new dress for my sweetie pie with zero cost! *

* absolutely zero cost as this singlet was bought by my friend who wrongly estimated the size when she was on a shopping frenzy. *wink*

Can't wait to put this onto my little girl tomorrow..... Yippee!


Oh wait, here's a simple tutorial if you too have an old singlet to upcycle:

1. Create a few folds around the neckline, this will reduced the diameter of the neckline for better fit onto the little ones. Sew the fold fixed to create a pleated effect.

2. Create pleats on the shoulder area too. It looks like a little butterfly on the shoulder, doesn't it? :)

3. Using an existing brooch, bow knot etc, sew it onto the pleated area around the neckline as decoration to create a neat finishing. You may want to choose contrasting color for better visual effect.

Zoom in on the big bow for the dress.

4. Sew a straight line loosely on the bottom edge of about 8cm long, then pull and form a ruffle. Sew on tight and add a button or tiny flower for decoration.

Ta-da! The dress is ready! Yup, It's just that simple!
"Little Lion, do I look pretty?", asked my sweetie pie :)

Now, happy crafting! ;)

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