Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's Tinkerbell! A DIY Reversible Costume. 自制小叮铃裙子

It's done! The little DIY Tinkerbell dress for my sweetie pie, with a pair of long shoulder straps that I can tie to the back of her neck like a big bow knot.

Isn't it looking pretty? I especially like the leafy skirt effect.

Just like the real Tinkerbell costume (or I choose to think so :)

The back design, I use large floral button for extendable wearing, this dress can easily grow with my baby girl as I have extra of 6-8cm at the back :)

A special dress calls for a unique button, I'm using one of my favorite wooden button collections. 

And did I mentioned its reversible? Yup, I can choose whichever shade of green I like, just perfect for my 19mo who's self feeding now, always stain her dress.. So having it wearable on both sides is certainly convenient when we are out and about. :)

Happy happy happy, is the only word to describe my feeling now. And next is, Peter Pan costume for my little Captain!

Psssss... Interested to make one too? Check out the great tutorial from Prudent Baby

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