Saturday, July 27, 2013

10 minutes Envelope Cushion Cover (from table cloth)

I walked passed a kitchenette store warehouse sale and was attracted to the range of table clothes and tea towel mat on sale. I have no need for neither of them but with the beautiful prints and super attractive price (which is impossible to find in any fabric store I frequently patronage!),I bought a dozen of them for home improvement project instead. I didn't had anything specific in mind but I knew I could figure it out later... (Sound like an impressive purchase I know, but the prints are lovely and I'll show you that! :)

So this is the first of the home improvement series... New cushion cover for our living hall. Pinkish chrysanthemums over the grey background.
I made 2 of these from the large piece of table cloth, still have enough left over for 2 more covers. 

Our existing cushion cover still in good shape, but now we have the choice of a bold wine red or a chic floral grey. Good to have choices in life. :)

I choose middle-opening envelope design so there is no need for buttons nor zip, more comfortable for my little ones who nap on the cushion sometimes. The making is so easy that i have no excuse to give my living hall a new look! :)

Here's the simple steps. 

1. Using the existing cushion cover as my pattern, laid it over the new fabric (wrong side facing up).
2. Then i gave about extra 3" on the side for the envelope design (original cover is with zip) and cut 2 straight lines.
3. Place pattern in middle of my fabric (right side facing up now), fold both side inward to form an envelope; adjust so I have the opening in the middle (take note- not on the side).
5. Pin the fabric in place and start sewing - just 2 straight lines, then hem, and It's done!
6. Test it onto my cushion right away :)

Simple, low cost yet elegant looking home improvement project that feels good. 

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