Saturday, November 30, 2013

December is Here..

December has finally arrived, which  marks the end of my career break, time to get back to the serious stuff and face the horrible traffic jam in the heart of the city. It feels like entering a new job again except that I knew almost everyone at work (I was on a sabbatical break).

It has been a meaningful time-off, managed to resolve most matters that I intended to for taking this break. A week back, a friend asked me if I am used to being a stay-at-home-mom and my reply was simple, "it is the best time of my life". And I really meant it. 

Although I have been posting only happy moments onto my page, these few months had not been all rosy, many unexpected / unwanted events happened but I decided to move on. Happy or sad, we have to move on, so why not do it with a positive attitude. Complaining doesn't resolve issues, only action does. You wouldn't believe how much hurdles I encountered, that I nearly thought God was putting me to test. But thank God, all well ends well and things are restored to order, somewhat.

So despite some personal & family matters that I shall not disclose, what have I managed to achieve as an individual for this period? 

• Firstly, and what I am feeling proud of, is that I have proven than I can be a fulltime homemaker managing the home, the kids and the family without any helper (and maintaining my sanity). At the same time still managed to find time to read, teach (the kids), craft, blog, bake and catch up with the family and friends. My duo enjoyed the best of their mommy and together we did so much fun and wonderful explorations. Even the principal at Little Captain's preschool told me all the teachers noticed the change in him, where his confidence grew, he laugh a lot and he showed great enthusiasm in everything he does at school. He did so well for the school concert that he was placed in the center stage for almost every piece of presentation, despite he was the youngest in his class. Secretly he requested me to sit closer to stage during the concert day so I can watch him perform without being blocked, he was determined to put up a good show.

So, seriously, never under estimate the power of mommy's love on the child. For this, I'm envious to all the stay home moms.

• Secondly, I finally started my own label, Pea Hatch Kids Store, to market my designed pieces. I managed to make and sell more than a dozen of my handmade to several fans / customers. For that, I feel truly blessed and thankful that I can realize my dream of being a kids fashion designer which I used to joke about with my friends. Although it's such a small scale, it feels good to have people who appreciate your hard work.

Wait a minute, you are not aware I have my personal brand? Now do go check it out at!

• Thirdly, I get to spend more quality time with the families, especially my old pa and ma who are not so young anymore and whose health are slowly deterioting. Spending each day with them is a blessing to me and my little ones. I can always work harder to earn more monies, but I will never be able to buy them their health and youth. 

• Lastly... I get to do quite a fair bit of spring cleaning and gotten rid of most baby clothes, toys, maternity clothes and even my Uni books; mostly donated to the needy ones, few sold. This has always been on my to-do list and I finally finally got it done! I even squeezed in some times to do some home improvement projects and gardening to make our home, a real comfy home.

I actually make a checklist of top 10 things I want to achieve during this break, I managed to complete 6 out of 10, plus some extras that were not listed in the first place. So, not too bad after all. :) 

Anyway, I am now all geared up and ready to put on my armor again. My duo will definitely miss the mommy who will no longer be around 24x7, but I have made necessary preparation to help them adjust to the new routine, and it is time we resume to the "real" life. So, once again I pray that God will bless us bountifully and that my little ones will continue to be their happy, usual self. Amen.

Note for the Readers..

Thank you for supporting this blog, I sincerely hope the posts had not bored you so far and you may find a thing or two that interest you. I may be less active moving forward but will do my best to keep this blog going.

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