Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Little Bunny Turned 2 (Rainbow Party!)

My little girl turns 2 finally. From the little newborn who always cried for more milk in the late night to the fine little toddler who loves dancing, singing, drawing, playing today, we had come a long way. Motherhood is truly a blessing and I enjoyed every single bit of it.

To celebrate her special day, we decided to organize a small party for her to have fun with the little friends, lucky for us that our closed friends' kids are of the same age group.

The theme was RAINBOW, and how the kiddos love this colorful theme! From food to deco to dress, it was a real rainbow party thru and thru, and let me show you how we made that happen... 


My little bunny loved her rainbow party dress so much that she was so excited to show it to her grandma right after shower, kept shouting "look at me! Look at me!". First time she wore a princess dress, so I supposed that made her felt really special to be princess for a day. I was toying the thought of cutting the dress to knee length but I'm glad I did not, it looked just perfect on her, isn't it? (Say yes please...)

Roaming around the garden in her rainbow dress, like a little fairy..

Sinking her face into the soft tulle...

For the brother, he too wore a colorful checked shirt and a white bottom. So the siblings were a good rainbow team. :)

Here's the rainbow birthday cake that I baked for her birthday, a moist chocolate cake with rainbow fondant design. I'm no cake deco expert but I tried, it wasn't perfect but was good enough for my kiddos. And that is good enough for me :)

The rainbow cake for my little Bunny

This cake was such a hit with all the kids, especially the 2 little figurines, I purposely arranged in such a way that the elder brother is at the back, always there to look after his little sister.

Here is another cake I baked for her next day celebration at the school... A magical snowman in a clock, with lots of magical snow balls. It's such a relief that both cakes turned out well.. 

The snowman cake

The food & fruits specially prepared for the little ones. These cutlery sets are available at IKEA stores, love their vibrant colors. Both adults and kiddos loved the fruit sticks, it's really easy and was fun to make.
The rainbow party!

The little Monster Eye cookies served as snack, edible fun. Recipe available on my food blog, Food 4 Little Ones, here.


I prepared few mini games that are suitable for kids age 2-5yo, these are real ice breakers, all the kids were laughing and jumping and became good friends right after the sessions.

Game #1 - Scoop the Balls
Have each of them a bucket, tossed lots of plastic balls into the mini wading pool, whoever scope the most balls when I blow the horn wins a small present.

The kids really put their 100% into the game, and the mommies too. 

Game #2 - Aim 'n Shoot!
Using the same buckets and balls above, I changed the game plan where the buckets were placed on the floor in a row, the little ones have to aim and toss their balls into the bucket. Again, winner takes the prize. 

I just prepared many small prizes so no one left empty handed, you will be amazed how they love little pressies. It's a blessing to see all the kids in such high spirit and have the house filled with so much laughter.

Game #3 - Pop the Bubbles
Just gave each of them a tube and watched them enjoying themselves. Kids and bubbles always work, it's a chemistry that science can't explain.


I didn't really snap any picture of the deco as I was too involved catching up with my friends and playing with the kids, but there were balloons in rainbow colors to welcome the guest, a rainbow pinwheel, rainbow colored party bags and a Happy birthday garland which I totally forgotten to hang up. But does it matter? No no,not at all, everyone had fun and that is what that matters!

Little pinwheel welcoming the guests.

Little angel with a star. I told myself not to buy anymore Christmas deco but this just look so much like my little bunny.

Do you know there is a really fun way to blow up the balloons? You may read more about the science experienment we had while making the fizzy balloons here! ;)   

This was the kids' table filled with simple healthy meal, noticed those refurbished heart print table? My very amature paint job :)


It was such a fun day full of excitement for the little ones, my duo were so thrilled and thoroughly enjoyed the food & companion of little friends. My little boy actually thanked me and gave me a big hug at the end of the party for "putting up such a great party", exactly as how he said it. 

It took quite a fair bit of effort to plan and execute without involment of any party planner (a big THANK YOU to the grandma for her delicious dishes!)  but it was a wonderful party that didn't burn our pockets, and best of all my kiddos got to be involved along the progress, from cake decorating, party bag packing to beautifying our home. Good bonding & learning experience in doing all the chores.

Besides, we had a bunch of very happy kids, a very proud birthday girl and a house filled with bubbly laughters the whole afternoon, that positive energy will linger on for days and both siblings shared a wonderful memory with us.

So, will we do this again the next year? You bet we would! That is all about our Rainbow party, thanks for reading such a long post.

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