Saturday, November 23, 2013

Funny Science... Fizzy Balloons!

We're doing some simple deco for the party, rainbow colored balloons are one of them. Instead of blowing the balloons we decided to have fun science experienment, using baking soda and vinegar.

When you put the two ingredients together they generate carbon dioxides, which then fill up the ballon. Same technique is applied to making school volcano project (learnt that when watching Art Attack!)

It's easy, all you need is:
• big cup of vineger (I used rice vineger)
• few teaspons of baking soda
• a used milk container (I would suggest to use a smaller container next time)  
• a funnel

The ingredients & tools. Fill the vineger in the empty container and add few teaspoons of baking powder into each balloons using the funnel. Drop the soda into the vineger once you have the balloon secured onto the opening of the container.

The duo anxiously watching the balloon expanding...

Perhaps the soda I used had been kept too long, the mixture did not create enough gas to fill up the balloons, but still we had some good laugh. The duo were super excited when they heard the fizzy sound and kept chanting "ballon grow! Ballon grow!" as they watched the balloon expand.

What's a party without some pretty balloons? We made 2 dozen of them in rainbow colors, consistent with the birthday theme.

Perhaps next time we may consider making volcano instead, who knows? :) thanks to this site that gave the idea on this fun activity

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