Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Grow a Plant: The Magical Beans!

I do not have green hands, plants I tried to grow when we stayed in condominium often ended up drying and eventually died. Even we have moved to landed few years back, we have people who helped to take care of our lush gardens. Until recently that I started my interim career break, I decided to take up the gardening myself and even bold enough to try planting some vegetables and flowers.

Why give myself such challenge? You may wonder. 

Well, first of all I would like my kiddos to understand and respect the livings and the wonder of our Mother Earth. like to proof that I am not poison Ivy and I CAN really grow something without killing them.. 

So among my picks, are these little French beans. They grew so fast that amazed all of us, including my little captain, who excitedly check up the growth every morning and reports to the father.

There was nothing in the first 2 days. I prepared the soil, some red soil with composed organic soil, dug 5 holes about 1" deep each 2" apart, then dropped 5 beans into each hole, covered up and follow by some water. Then I left them under the sun, with a netting over to protect them from birds.

On day 3, there's where the surprise came. They sprout! Some tiny purplebean stouts popped out from the soil.

On day 4, the purple shell dropped, they have now grew 2cm taller, within just a day!

On day 6, continued to grow at such an amazing pace! I got few gardening poles to give each of them the much needed support later. Sprinkled some organic fertilizer to give them the extra nutrition too (since I grow them in a pot instead of on the ground) 

On day 15, they are starting to creep up the pole, one couldn't made it probably I injured the root as I shifted some of these plants. Soon I will need to tie up a horizontal pole for the stem to grow side ways instead of up up up (to the sky? I wish!)

The printing on the packaging says it will be ready for harvest in 2-3 months, so we shall see.

As I am resuming work next week, I hope I can continue to find time to care after these little plants and gather our harvest one day..

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