Saturday, November 16, 2013

Me & Mini Me: The Origami Dress!

It's been a while since I last made the mommy & daughter dresses for both of us, there is just too many things that kept me busy ever since my sabbatical leave started. Anyway, inspiration strike on one sleepless night, so I dug out the long forgotten fabric and started sewing right away.

One dress a night, and here are the outcomes - the Origami dresses, tailored made for both of us. :)

I really like this print, it's simple black and white in perfect harmony. I bough this fabric not long after I picked up sewing as a hobby, which was about a year ago, I'm just glad I finally made something decent out of it.

Both dresses use elastic bands on the waist line for easy fit on, no zip required. I added the simple ruffle effect for my little girl's dress although the dress looked good as-is, I just wanted a band of black to be consistent with my dress, where I used an existing black fabric belt for better visual effect:

So, simple black & white can looks sweet on little one too.

Dance, baby, dance.. I can watch her dance while day.

My first self-designed dinner dress, not perfect but I like it. :)

Posing minutes after the dress was completed, I was too excited so please pardon me.. 

This is the 5th of the Me & Mini Me series, and my personal favorite by far... You can check out previous series here.

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