Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Rainbow Fairy Birthday Dress

My little girl is turning 2 soon, it will mark a major milestone as we are sending her to the preschool, hopefully she is ready for the change of environment. At 23 months old now, she is speaking fluently, knows her manner (love the way she says thank you and you're welcome!) and fully potty trained, although she fights with the elder brother often, they love each other and she learns a lot through mimicking her brother. Blessed, we are.

Anyway, to celebrate her coming birthday, I'm planning to throw a small party for her, just with closed family and few good friends and their kids. The theme this year will be RAINBOW, so I started off by making her a rainbow fairy dress, which is actually a maxi tutu dress.

I know it's not exactly a rainbow dress as it only havs 3 out of the 7 spectrums (blue, indigo, violet), but anymore layer it will be too fluffy for her to walk. So let's just stick to 3 layers, shall we? 

I have yet to try this dress on her, kind of curious to know how this will looks on her and whether it will fit well. I made this dress without pattern, just using an existing store bought dress as prototype and start cutting and sewing after having the design in mind. It turned out alright (in my humble opinion as the designer :), somehow the shirring effect is not as beautiful as the previous dresses I've made for her, the final outlook is still acceptable. My little girl gave me a big wow when she saw this dress in the morning and told me "I like this!", so at least I am certain that she likes it. :) 

Next,I will think of an hair accessories to match this dress, she doesn't like hair band so I have to figures out something else... We'll, we shall see. This sleepy mind can use a good sleep now before it can thinks clearly again.

Good night! 

The dress fitted well and looked fabulous on her, check out my little bunny's big day here.. I have also made her a tulle flower hair pin to match the dress, check out the tutorial here, it's so easy that it is a waste not to make one. ;)

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