Thursday, December 6, 2012

Custom-Made Bed Headboard Cover (with tutorial) 自制床头套

Thinking to have a makeover for your bedroom? This is one of the quickest and cheapest way to give an immediate face lift. No buying of new furniture, re-painting nor installing of bulky stuff. Only small budget and easy "installation" required.

Since few months back, big guy and I had agreed to replace our headboard as the PVC board was peeling off like snowflakes and recently my baby girl loved to peel them with her little fingers. I was worried she may have accidentally swallowed some of the tiny drop out pieces.

Unfortunately, we did not managed to find time for headboard shopping, so when we finally made time to visit IKEA store one night, it suddenly struck me that I could have just make a cover instead of buying a brand new headboard!

So I did. And see what I have made within the night after putting my duo to bed. I'm feeling good about this, my first self made home improvement project. *grin*

This is a simple but really practical design. The cover can be easily removed for washing and fit perfectly. Even my big guy was impressed with the work (he was doubtful at first but supportive).

Of course I did not do this blindly out of rush, I worked out the design in my mind and sketched it out on a piece of paper to better visualise it. Here's my ingenious design *thick face*

Translated to this...

The headboard cover, complete view.

I like the print on this textile which gives it a contemporary look.
The simple natural print on the textile

Storage is super easy, just fold it up into B4 size and chuck it anyway in your shelve.

The folded cover

Here's the tutorial if you wish to make one or two at home. Just remember to give credit to my humble blog, thank you. :)

Tutorial for Headboard Cover

1. Choose the textile that matches your room color and theme. Make sure you used thick cotton fabric, add a layer of form padding if you like the extra comfort but I skipped that as I'm covering it over my existing headboard.

TIPS: pre-wash your fabric before sewing as it may shrinks a little after washing.

2. To ensure correct fitting, measure your headboard as per showed in picture above (marked as A). You need 3 readings: length, width and height.

3. Next, translate the measurement to layout on your fabric (refer to B in the sketch above). Make sure you leave an extra 2" for seam. Cut the fabric and make sure you plan out the front and back facing prints before you lay your scissor.

4. Sew all the hem using matching thread. Finishing is depending on your preferred design. Here, I used Velcro for easy wear-on of the cover, you may choose to use buttons, string, or just sew it fixed. I prefer this design because despite easy wear-on, it's convenient for washing and drying too. Besides, it can easily fit onto different size headboard, be it a king or queen size bed.

There you go, these are all steps to have a chic looking headboard cover of your choice.. Easy bitsy.

The Best Has Yet To Come...
Now that you have read this far, let me present to you my little invention - the i-Pocket!

It's the invisible pockets added to the back of the headboard for convenient storage of cables and gadgets like iPhone, iPad, controllers, etc. So they are now within the reaching distance of my bed, isn't that cool? *super happy mode*

This is how the individual pockets look like, in L and M sizes.

*Updated* The below offer is no longer available. Thanks for the inquiries.

If you are feeling lazy to go through all the hard work, here's an alternative option. Since I'm planning to make one more set for my regular usage, I would accept custom order for this.

Recommended Price for the Headboard Cover:

Bed Frame Size Standard Length Price
Single / Super Single 39" x 26" (86 cm x 57 cm) RM 80.00
Standard Queen 60" x 26" (132 cm x 57 cm) RM 110.00
Standard King 76" x 26" (168 cm x 57 cm) RM 120.00

Important Notes:

  • Design is as per illustrated above, with no foam padding, excludes the I-Pocket.

  • Price may differ depends on the chosen fabric.

  • All prices exclude delivery and only for standard headboard (rectangular shape that is). Do expect about RM 8 for delivery within Malaysia (the fabric is quite heavy), otherwise subject to your country of shipping.

Only limited orders will be accepted as I have minimal capacity with a full time job and 2 kiddos. Do let me know your preferred color, motif and allow at least 1 week for material sourcing and 1 more week for commissioning and completion of work ya..

Till later, thanks for stopping by!

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