Sunday, March 23, 2014

{Handmade} Princess Elsa Dress, Frozen Inspired!

My duo have been obsessed with songs from Frozen recently, every night they insist to watch at least 1 round of the video clip before going to bed. The song Let It Go and Do You Want to Build a Snowman just kept playing in my mind over and over again even while I am driving.

Since my little girl is so much in love with the song, I thought I could surprise her by making her a Princess Elsa dress. It's not exactly the same, I made some modifications to suit our weather but most of the elements remain, especially  the cape which I think is a must. 

Love how it floats in the air. 

It's a bit loose on her but fret not! I can fix that anytime with my trustworthy machine. 

It's a different shade of blue from the actual Elsa dress which is of turquoise blue, but I think it looks really nice nonetheless. *pardon me but I'm just happy*

The dress in making...   

I added some embellishment to give it snowflakes like effect. Love the deep sparkly blue.

A custom made button to ensure it blends in nicely with the outfit. This is the second time I made my own button, the first time was for the Little Red dress I made for her during CNY.

The step-by-step making will be made available soon, bear in mind it will not be a tutorial but just the pictorial process of making this Disney princess dress which you can used as reference.

My little girl is having her nap now, can't wait to surprise her when she wakes up! *Pray hard that she likes it!*


She wore the dress to the playground and she sure was happy and proudly running around while attracting all the stares, especially from other little girls.

Love how she walked with such confident, I have challenge capturing a clear image of her as she was constantly running... my mighty girl.

And here is the source of my inspiration, just in case you were wondering who is Princess Elsa (which I really doubt so...)

Stay tuned for the making. ;)
The tutorial is done! Go ahead and check it out here... :)

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