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童年•爸爸 A Weekend Down Memory Lane (bi-lingual)

双语版 | Bi-lingual

Grandpa & I

小时候爸爸因为赚钱鲜少在家,只有周末才难得陪家人吃顿饭。童年记忆里,爸爸从未有时间陪我玩 ,但我清楚知道他疼我,只是时间与金钱不足所以只能把照顾小孩的重担留给妈妈。我的第一套积木,第一个小钢琴,第一辆小脚踏车,都是爸爸周末回来时带给我的惊喜。虽然大部分的周末爸爸只带回几颗糖果给我,我总是期待他的归来。妈妈也是,周末的菜肴总是特别丰富。





When I was little, dad was the sole breadwinner in the family and he only had weekends to spend with us. He hardly had time to play with me nor bring me to park, money and time were luxury then. However I never doubted how much he loved me then, my first set of LEGO, first electronic keyboard, first little red bike... those were the surprise presents he got for me. Although most of the time he only brought me assortment of candies which he hid in his pocket, I always looked forward to his homecoming moment, so were mom, best dishes were reserved for the weekends. 

Monday morning was always a sad moment for me, waving goodbye to him knowing that we will not meet for another week. I could still vividly recall the cold morning breeze and chirping sparrows hovering in the dim lit skies. I guess it was not easy for him too to leave the comfort of home for another long exhaustive road trip.

Last Sunday morning, siblings and I arranged a family picnic at the nearby park. As we were leaving the park, my old pa held my little bunny in one hand and an umbrella on the other hand protecting her from the burning sun. He had difficulty in walking due to rheumatism and was strolling feebly on the uneven pavement, but his attention were all on the little person. 

Watching them from the back brought me into deep thought. My old pa may have missed the fun of parenting us during our growing up age, but now my little bunny had all the attention from the grandparents. I only wish that one day she would realise how lucky she was. Of course, my little Captain too.

Being a full time working parent myself without a helper, I understand that time is one essence that we never had enough. However, where chances permit do find time to spend with the family. Be it a weekend, a dinner or just a heartfelt greeting, it is the thought that matters.

One day, we may just run out of tomorrow.

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