Saturday, March 8, 2014

{DIY Time} Personalized Snow Globe! 自制小雪球

I got my Little Captain a glass snow globe last Christmas which had a snowman and a little bear just like in his new book, Little Bear's Best Friend.

He liked it a lot but unfortunately, his little sister broke the snow globe accidentally and since then I just kept the both figures aside. I'm glad I did not threw it away as we managed to figure out what to make of it - a plastic snow globe!

A brand new personalized snow globe, with blue glitters.

The duo had lots of fun shaking it and watching the "snow" fell, my little bunny girl was so excited that she kept singing "Let it go... Let it go..". she became  fan on Frozen ever since I showed her the music video. Now I have no fear of shattered glass as a result of aggressive play :)

The duo exploring with their new snow globe...

The making is simple, here's what you need:

• a screwed on plastic jar (I got mine from bakery store, used it for storing our CNY cookies)
• super glue
• some glitters (avail in most stationery shops or party supplies stores)
• a figurine of your choice (Clay is ideal)
• A teaspoon of Glycerine  
• Water (distill water is ideal so it won't turns yellow over time)

The Making:

1. Glue the figurine to the reverse side of the jar cap. Let dry.

2. Pour water into the plastic jar till 4/5 full (leave room for the figurine), then add some glitters and a teaspoon of glysterine. Shake to mix well.

3. Put some glue around the edge of the jar, screw on tight. Place the snow globe upward and the glue dry up before start shaking it.

Now, go and have tons of fun shaking, rolling, tossing or just staring at the glitters falls with your little ones. I love this as I have not fear any accidental broken glass piece as a result of aggressive play from my little girl.

DIY can really be as easy as 1,2,3. ;)

Happy DIY!

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