Wednesday, May 14, 2014

{Handmade} Alice In Wonderland, A Little Girl's Clutch

I have got these beautiful Alice In Wonderland fabric more than a year ago in 4 different colors: champagne gold, rose pink, black and sky blue. I love them too dearly that I don't know what to make with them. Since I only have so little of these fabric, I am reserving them for someone special.

Finally I found the perfect reason... My beautiful niece turns 14.

Every little girl shall know Alice, shouldn't they? So I made her this clutch with strap.

Alice In the Wonderland, a Little Girl's Clutch

Comes with a handy strap and and ample room for cards and notes.

I love love love love the prints.

Hope little V like this handmade clutch as much as I do. 
(Yes, she likes it very much ! :)

Alice in the Wonderland has always been my favorite children book. I read it when I was little, I re-read it when I was a grown up, and I am now reading this classic children novel with my little ones during their bedtime. Even during our honeymoon trip to UK, I marked Christchurch University in Oxford as a must-go place because I wanted to visit Alice's secret garden. And we did.

This is one of my favorite photos taken during the trip.

I love some of the crazy quotes in the book...

I've always admired the Cheshire Cat for it's funny words that sounded wise at times.

Allow me to end this post with this wonderful quote that I could not agree more.

Be curious. Be Bold. Be Alice.

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