Saturday, May 3, 2014

Me & Mini Me: Pretty in Polk-a-dot!

Somehow I was quite fond of peplum top lately, I know the peplum fever season was long gone (like a year ago?). Anyway I am not exactly a fashionholic and was never a runway chic, I just like design that fits me and look comfortably trendy, so it doesn't bother me to wear something that is out of season, and I was determined to make myself at least one peplum top.

Since I still have about 1 yard plus of Katty Miller's Gray Mini Dots fabric left after making the little Edelweiss dress for my sweetie pie, I though to just make a matching piece for myself to make this another Me & Mini Me collection. 

How do we look? My mini-me was doing a dance while we were singing Do-Re-Mi..

Here I was, test wearing the top moments after it was completed.

Making in progress. It is not as hard as I thought but to make a perfect fit, it sure takes a lot more practices and I have to admit I still have more to learn, especially when it comes to making adult apparels. :-/ 

This is my first attempt with peplum (and invisible zipper too!), I'm pretty pleased with the overall look of the top albeit it is a result of several alterations to better fit. However I shall try to improve my skill with the invisible zipper. Besides, I would think this design may look better on a satin fabric.

Anyway, I'm really happy with this latest addition to my Me & Mini Me series, even my girl was delighted to see me dressing in same fabric. So now we are going to celebrate by sharing a tub of ice cream!

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