Friday, May 23, 2014

{Tutorial} Little Bubble Dress, repurposed from mommy's dress

Do you have any maternity dresses that you are certain that you won't be needing them anymore? I had a couples left behind and sitting in the storage box for past 2 years..

So instead of letting them rot slowly, I am on a mission to repurpose them into something pretty for my little girl, and this is the second creation of my mission. The first creation is this halter princess dress.

The little bubble dress.

It's made of knit fabric in thin black lines. I thought it looks a little plain so added 2 little red ribbons which really stand out beautifully.

Fits perfectly on my little bunny girl.

Why do I call her my bunny girl? Not a moment that she can sits still. Almost all photos of her are blurry.

In total in only took me about 40 minutes to complete this dress as the ruffle is ready made and only minimal sewing required. Read on the pictorial guide and you will see why it's such a simple project.

Here goes the super easy TUTORIAL.

Step 1: pin & sew
I adjusted the width according to my girl's existing dress, make adjustment according to your toddler.

Step 2: cut & hem
Keep the extra as you'll need it for the straps later.

Step 3: pin & sew

Step 4: cut shoulder straps
The extra pieces from step 2 comes handy now.

Step 5: sew straps & turn

Step 6: pin, sew & decorate
I used red ribbons to create contrasting visual effect, but you can also opt to use buttons, crochet flowers or just leave it as is.

That's it, the little bubble dress is READY!!

I'm happy that my little girl can now wear a piece of what used to be mommy's maternity dress. :)

Happy crafting!

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