Friday, May 2, 2014

{DIY} Cereal Box Townville... 10 Minutes Craft!

Remember I made a foldable felt playmat/house for my little boy as his surprise Christmas present 2 years ago, that is convertible to a small town? He still loving his playmat till today! You may check it out here..

I wish to make another for my little girl but the hardwork involved got me hesitated... It took a total of 8 weekends of at least 2 hours each, it still makes me sweat to think of it.. >.<

So today I made this easy peasy version of Townville using the cereal box instead. All in took me only 10 minutes! 

There's our home, a school, a castle (for the princess!), an ice cream store, a car workshop, a park and a pond. Pretty complete township isn't it? He he.

Have a tiny space to play? Just fold it in half and continue to play.

Want to spice it up? At some obstacles using the toilet paper rolls. Did I mentioned this craft is absolutely cost free? Well, probably cost your 20 cents for the water color at most. :)

Time to pack and go? It's easy. Just close it up!

Oh but wait a minute, there's a secret entrance for the tiny hotwheel cars. My duo are loving this secret entrance, it's actually the connecting bridge for the two sides.

So, don't throw away the cereal box too quick next time, make good use with it.. ;)

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