Friday, December 7, 2012

Handmade Pretty Hair Clips for My Baby Girl 可爱小女孩发夹

I was addicted to making hair clips for my baby Claire that I made all these within a week. It started with the Christmas theme hair clip, then I just couldn't stop from there onwards. :)

These are the simple classic design. Which is your favorite? My personal favorite is the light blue polka dots with ladybird. Look stunning on dark color hair... So are the red ones. In fact, all of them look good on my baby :)

These are the floret hair clips that comes in bigger size, the rainbow hair clip looks pretty good when I tried it onto my baby,like a rainbow glowing over her :) I'm planing to make more Minnie in different colors, and perhaps some Hello Kitty ones too.

I love the vibrant colors of the rainbow hair clip. The colors are arranged in correct sequence ;)

Baby Claire wearing her Rainbow hair clip, pretty!

Happy making all these and playing with different combinations, if only I have more accessories! Well, not all these are for baby Claire, some will be pressie for my pretty niece and closed friends who appreciate hair clips..

If you would like to make these for your little girls, I would recommend you add a layer of wrapping around the spiky clip to ensure comfort. Like what I did here.

I didn't make a tutorial this time as I was too indulged in making them and it's challenging to take pictures when you have glue over your fingers :) You may refer to which have a detailed pictorial guide (I did not followed all the steps thou).

I still have a dozen of empty hair clips available, if you would like to order any these I can accept small orders only:

- For the small classic design comes with little ladybird / tiny floret / pearl / star, RM3.50 each
- For the snowflakes floret hair clips, RM5.50 each
- For Rainbow / Minnie floret hair clip RM6.50 each (and Kitty too)

Prices above exclude postage. Please factor about RM3.50 for postage within Malaysia via PosLaju.

Note: I'm not doing this for the money, I have a pretty well paid full time job. I'm doing this for the fun of crafting and sharing them with those who appreciates them but with my cost & time covered. So please don't feel obligated, only if you genuinely like my designs. :)

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