Saturday, December 22, 2012

Simple Fun Time with Spirograph 儿时玩意:定规

It seems like a phenomenon nowadays that wherever we go, be it cafe, clinics, dinner... All the kids have an iPad, smart phone or PSP in hands, the adults? Busy surfing or Facebook-ing on their phones as well.

While I truly think Steve Job was a revolutionary thinker whose design and vision changed the world, I'm against children being exposed to those gadget all the times. Many I met lack the interactive skills and social-ability, they are all active only when facing the screens... Honestly, not very healthy in my humble opinion. So, I tried my best to introduce more interactive games to my little ones whenever possible, to reduce the dependency on these gadgets. It's not easy, trust me, being in a family flooded with "temptation". :)

I source for fun, basic, interactive game consciously, and Spirograph has been one of the items on my to-buy list for sometimes. Toy stores sell it at such an overprice rate that I truly think is a ripe off. But finally, I found it at a nearby store with a really reasonable price, so I got few (as backups) and we had a good half an hour of fun time drawing at the Starbucks.

My little boy spotted wheel, daisy, orange, mushroom in his drawing.. What about you?

He was so into it...

Even hub could not resist to join the fun. In fact he is a much better artist that I am, when he's not working.

This is how a Spirograph looks like.

This was one of my fun time activity during my childhood, I'm glad I get to play with my own kid now. It's good to be back to basic sometimes. :)

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