Sunday, December 30, 2012

Re-purposed Little Boy's Pants in 45 minutes

Another new year approaching, time to clean up the wardrobe to make way for new clothes. But wait, instead of throwing the old clothes away, why not re-purpose some of them?

Since my little boy had been enquiring when I'm going to make him new pants (he had outgrown the previous ones I made for him), I decided to make a little transformation with my big guy's old shorts. He lost quite some weight lately and many of his sports pants are getting loose, the fabric is of good quality as these are mostly branded sports attire.

So, my first transformation project from home, began. (tutorial is available at the end of this post)

This was my big guy's shaggy Reebok shorts and on the left is my little boy's existing pants which I used as blueprint.

After 45 minutes of cutting and sewing, this was the outcome - a trendy new pants for my little Ethan, completed with 2 front pockets and embroidered with his name. I converted the existing appliqués on the pants into square pockets, look pretty good, don't they?

My little handsome tried out his new pants the next morning, see how happy he was..

It feels good to create something good out of some 'old junk' with no extra cost involved. Best of all, my little boy was really excited as he got a new pants made by mommy, he was all smiling when I showed him his pants :)

Now sewing has a new purpose.

Go green, go re-purpose!

Update: interested to start a re-purpose project too? Check out the tutorial here.

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