Friday, December 28, 2012

Making Pizza Together 一起做披萨!

Since its school holiday and we were on year end break, my little niece and nephew came over for an overnight stay. The kiddos had great fight that night pretending to be Obiwan Kenobi and Darth Vader with their full size light sabers, and I got some time to do my craft work :)

The next morning we had some fun time making pizza together. I pre-prepared the pizza dough and ingredients for the toppings, heat up the oven then invite the kids to join me.

Here are the simple toppings. I put everything in separate bowls so they can decide what to sprinkle onto their pizza. Ethan and CJ shared one pizza while SY got to work on the rectangular pizza all by herself.

The trio were busy at work.

It was a happy session, see, all in smile. :)

Baby Claire was sitting in her high chair next to the dining table, observing.

The pizza doughs were ready for the oven...

Ta da... They're done, golden crispy and smelling really tempting!


The trio enjoying the fruit of their hard work... All pieces happily snapped up.

Big Guy and I had some peaceful time together enjoying our pizza while the kids ate their pizza and watching cartoon together. So it's an activity everyone get to enjoy after all. :)

Do consider adding this to your next party activity list, I guarantee all kiddos will like this. Just make sure everyone wash their hands before they start working on the pizza, and prepare a clean kitchen towel within your reach.

Almost forgot, the recipe for the thin crust pizza is available here, my foodie blog on food for little ones, and of course big ones alike,

That's all folks, happy holiday!

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