Thursday, December 27, 2012

Multi-Purpose Chair Covers for Little Ones (多功能小孩椅套)


Since I've took time off for year end, I decided to do a little home improvement project again. This time, I'm making a chair cover for my little boy which functions as stationery storage and padded back cushion too. Now my little ones can enjoy more comfortable seat. :)

It looks simple, but functional. I used Ethan's favorite hearts print fabric again.. Nicely matched with the white chair base :) I used blue lining to outline these little pockets.

I can put lots of stationery in the pockets, even his books! No more messy table top, yay!

It's similar concept as my previous custom-made headboard cover, but in smaller scale and is slip on.

This was how the IKEA children chair originally looks like.

Now I'm going to make a second one with orange lining for my little girl too, see ya!

Done.. The second chair cover for my little girl, to put her soft toys that often just lie around on our sofa. Now they have a proper space. :)

PS: If anyone is interested with a tutorial, please a comment else I'm kinda lazy this round..

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